David Sackett coined the term, and defined Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) as the “Integration of Three Equally Weighted Components.”Β  CORE Physical Therapy integrates the THREE equally weighted components of EBM.

Patient Values. Β The patient’s needs are considered above all else, and the effects the disorder has upon the patient are the primary concerns in both evaluation and treatment.

The Best Available Research. Our team is well versed in current liter
ature and appropriately integrate new evidence into each patients treatment plan.

Clinical Expertise. Our therapists retain advanced certifications in a variety of specialty area’s designed to cultivate a dynamic teamwork environment to enhance your recovery. Our commitment to you is our commitment to lifelong learning.

EBM-image“Clinical expertise is vital in determining whether the evidence (or guideline) applies to my individual patient, at all, and if so how it applies.” (Ref: Sackett 2000 “Evidence Based Practice” CEBM)