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Q:  Do I need a script from a physician before I receive care?

A:  No. Physical therapists in Delaware may treat for 30 consecutive days after which time the therapist must collaborate with a physician or other medical provider.

Q: What should I wear to each appointment?

A: It is helpful to wear loose, comfortable clothing, so the therapist may perform a thorough examination.  Sneakers are recommended as you may be performing some form of physical activity.

Q: If my physical therapy prescription was written for a different facility, can I still come to Core for treatment?

A: Yes. The patient has the right to choose where they receive care.  

Q: How long will my appointments be?

A: Appointments will generally last between 45-60 minutes.

Q: Do you have flexible hours to accommodate work schedules?

A: Yes. We offer early morning and evening appointments.  Please see our hours of operation for details.